How To Negotiate Almost Anything

Today we’re talking money and how most things we purchase are negotiable.

In fact, there are huge savings in simply asking for a discount.

Now to be honest I am a bit of a cheapskate. Like, seriously, spending money is one of my least favorite things to do. I can’t stand it.

But one of the tools I use to get over the thought of spending money is by negotiating to get a deal.

Deals excite me. They get me pumped, like yassss. I got that cheaper than no other human has ever bought that product!

But for real. You can seriously negotiate almost everything.

For example, when Samantha and I got engaged we went to the local mall and did some ring shopping.

At the time we were supposed to be picking out an engagement ring for her however I decided to look for a deal. After visiting a couple of stores Samantha picked out the ring she wanted and that’s when I went to work.

Firstly, I talked the store into giving me a discount for buying three rings instead of one. We were there to buy the engagement ring but I figured, why not pick up our wedding bands as well.

My thinking was, by purchasing all three from the same store I would create more leverage as a buyer.

It worked.

Secondly, knowing that my wedding band was likely to get a little scratched up from work, I decided to purchase the store demonstration ring at a hefty discount.

The third thing was that Samantha’s wedding band was much cheaper at a competitor’s store. However, they price matched.


And finally, because the store offered an additional 15 percent off if I was approved for the store credit card, I applied. This move alone saved me over a hundred dollars on the entire purchase.

And since I’m not a fan of credit cards, I simply paid the credit card bill in full when it came in the mail and canceled the card.

At the end of the day thanks to some savvy money moves I’d spent a little over $700 dollars for items that would have easily cost me 2–3 times that much.

Almost Everything Is Negotiable

Almost everything we purchase is negotiable.

The trick is to look for discounts, think outside of the box, and simply ask. Some people may find it difficult to ask for a better deal and haggle, however, the worst thing someone can tell you is no.

Think about the things you’re purchasing and imagine the leverage you create when buying in bulk.

Look for price match guarantees on big-ticket items and then get online and do your homework.

Simply ask for a discount or a better deal.

We once called up our cable provider and told them that we thought our bill was too high. We simply asked if there was anything they could do to lower our bill.

And guess what?

They gave us $40 dollars off per month for a year.

A simple 10-minute phone call saved us $480 dollars that year.

The point is, don’t be a wuss and ask for a deal because almost everything is negotiable.

15 Things You Should Be Negotiating

  • A New Car — Duh. Obvious but true.
  • Car Repairs — Yup, it can be done without sacrificing quality, especially on worn items like brakes and tires.
  • Jewelry — We covered this.
  • Contractors — Many contractors will haggle on price, particularly when there is possible repeat business for them in the future.
  • Cable, Phone, and Internet services — Oftentimes you can negotiate with your cable provider or simply ask for a price match to one of their competitors.
  • Furniture and Appliances — There is often a significant markup on furniture. Use it to your advantage or by multiple pieces and use it as leverage.
  • Sales commissions — Whether it be real estate, insurance, or even a car salesman they are all getting paid a commission. It’s not uncommon for the salesman to discount his or her own commission in order to make a sale. This is a trick I used to get $100 dollars off a used car at one point.
  • Interest Rates — The credit industry is fiercely competitive and if a lender views you as a good candidate for a loan or a credit card you can often negotiate the interest rate. At the very least credit card companies will often lower your interest rate by simply asking.
  • College Tuition — It’s not uncommon to negotiate the interest rates on student loans and some colleges offer discounts for multiple children attending.
  • Debt — Most debts of any kind can often be negotiated, especially if you’re having trouble making payments. Again, it’s always worth asking.
  • Insurance — Insurance can be tough to get a deal on, however, you may have some bargaining power. If you’ve been with the same company for several years and haven’t had a claim there is a chance that you can get your premiums lowered. Hey, it’s worth a shot.
  • Rent — Your landlord’s rent is not set in stone. It’s entirely possible to get a reduction in rent by simply asking. This works especially well if you’ve been a good tenant. If you’re negotiating with a new landlord quality references and pictures of your last living space can help. Landlords are simply looking for good respectful tenants.
  • Taxes — Yes, you can negotiate your taxes. Sort of. If you owe back taxes and or fines the IRS may negotiate with you. This is especially true if the probability of you being able to pay back these taxes is not so good.
  • Salary and Wages — Of course, these are negotiable and it never hurts to ask. Leverage new skills and awesome job performance. Ask for the raise.
  • Contracts — Any sort of contract or agreement is totally negotiable. Whether it be a contract for a new cell phone plan or a purchase agreement on a new home, it’s negotiable. Carefully consider all fees involved in any contract you’re thinking of entering and haggle.

Everything Else

I only talked about 15 things because really that list could go on and on.

Almost everything is negotiable.

In fact, I can’t think of many things I wouldn’t try to negotiate on.

If price haggling isn’t your thing start small and practice. Perhaps haggle with someone at a garage sale, or farmers market, or ask for a discount at your morning coffee shop.

The important thing is to ask.

I think you will be amazed at what you can get a deal on. It just takes a little homework, knowledge, and guts.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did please share with others.

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